Our Services

*Investments Investments in mutual funds, stocks, bonds and annuities; investing assets with the best interest of the client in mind. *Asset Management Striving to gain the best rate of return with the needs of the client always foremost. *Retirement Planning Planning for a client's retirement needs at the comfort level desired: while providing conservative methods that strive to keep the flow of funds constant throughout the retirement years. *Wealth Management Inherited or sudden wealth presents its own set of issues, all needing intensive attention and management. *Estate Planning Accumlated wealth will pass on to heirs with a cut for Uncle Sam; structuring an estate plan to retain assets for those intended to inherit them. *Trust Services Prudent planning of trusts can help to protect assets and properly direct them to the intended recipient. *Tax Planning Taxes: How to best mitigate the tax bite. *Risk Management Over-insured or under-insured? Planning the best use of this tool to avoid life's financial surprises are crucial to the successful execution of a comprehensive financial plan. *Business Services Succession planning; strategic financing; advising a person stepping out into the world as an independent business owner or partner. *Personal Financial Services Educating clients is a great value-add to the financial planner's practice.